Vol.4, No.1 27 March 2020 ISSN 2456-754X

Front Matter
1. Front Matter Click Here

1. Editorial Click Here

1. Dinabandhu: A Tragic Burlesque of History-A Contextual Preface By Dr. Moloy Rakshit Click Here
2. Telangana’s Mime Horizon By Shalini Mahapatra Click Here
3. The Art and Craft of Cinema By Dr. Surabhi Biplove Click Here
4. Call from the roots: Time for contemporary Tribal Theatre Movement By Dr. Gouranga Chandra Rout Click Here

Research Articles
1. Transgressive Aesthetics of/in Now Time By Anirban Kumar Click Here
2. Scaling the House: Maximizing price and profit in Theatre Performance Ticketing By Dr. Osedebamen David Oamen Click Here
3. Devi, Nati or Dasi- Re-Reading the voice of the Marginalized in Binodini’s ‘Amar Katha’ in the backdrop of 19th century Colonial Bengali Theatre By Dr. Sujata Mukhopadhyay Click Here
4. Once Upon a Time…Back to Stage: Return of Oral Storytelling in India By Vurity Mounika Prof Peeta Bobby Vardhan Click Here
5. Analysing the language of drama in the light of Sāhityadarpaṇa By Dr. Kumuda Prasad Acharya Click Here

1. Carlos Celdrán: Cuba to Kolkata By Dr. Nandan Bhattacharya Click Here

Book Review
1. Tini Nataka: Three different genres of humour By Kalpana Mishra Click Here
2. A journey through the history and development of Odia Theatre By Saumendra Kumar Swain & Arabinda Lenka Click Here
3. Chronicles of a Monarch Playwright By Abhaya Kumar Das & Sudipta Sahoo Click Here
4. Anagata: An eye opener By Monideepa Gupta Click Here
Students’ Section
1. Reflection of social evils in Theatre By Deboleena Kundu Click Here
2. Analysing the film Jai Jagannath and the play Chandaluni By Saritdip Satapathy Click Here

Back Cover
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