About TSJ

About Theatre Street Journal

Theatre Street Journal is an Online Peer Reviewed Academic Journal on Theatre Arts from India. The first issue of TSJ is published online on 27 March 2017 on the occasion of the World Theatre Day. The purpose of the journal is as follows:

  • To provide a platform of research and serious discourse on Theatre Arts.
  • To form a data base of important literature on Theatre Arts.
  • To encourage young researchers to write on Theatre.
  • To share experience of important theatre exponents through interviews.
  • To study important documents related to theatre.
  • To promote theatre through academic discussion and research.

Theatre Street Journal is an annual journal published once in a year. Every year the issue will be published on 27 March 2017 and the articles are received throughout the year. The papers are published after peer review by a board of reviewers. The Journal is guided by a Board of Advisors. Both the peer review board and advisory board comprise eminent academicians and theatre persons.
TSJ is an open access journal and a not for profit journal. It is edited by Shri Sourav Gupta , an academician and theatre practitioner from India.
All queries may be forwarded to theatrestreetjournal@gmail.com