Vol.3, No.1 27 March 2019 ISSN 2456-754X

Front Matter
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1. Editorial Click Here

1. Audacity Unlimited By Probir Guha Click Here
2. Exploring Leela Danda : A Folk Theatre of Western Odisha By Panchanan Mishra Click Here
3. Chhau: A dance drama of Mayurbhanj, Odisha By Ganesh Prasad Sahu Click Here
4. Analyzing Manjul Bharadwaj’s Theatre of Relevance By Dhanajay Kumar Click Here
5. Introducing a theatrical and easier technique for restoration of the traditional puppetry of Bengal By Subho Joardar Click Here
6. Manipuri Theatre: A language of protest By Shawni Bhattacharjee Click Here
7. Connecting drama with the theme of individualism By Deboleena Kundu Click Here

Research Article
1. Corporate Theatre: Staging drama on corporate platforms By Vurity Mounika &
P Bobby Vardhan
Click Here
2. Shakunir Pasha: Humanification of Mahabharat’s most misunderstood villain By Sujata Mukhopadhyay Click Here
3. Drawing parallelism of alienation in Brecht’s ‘Epic Theatre’ and Therukoothu By Manish Kumar Click Here
4. Innovation and participatory methods of message construction and dissemination: Street Theatre model By Jolly Jose Click Here
5. With the sound through the scape: Sonic mediation in the performative moment of proclamation in Jantā Pāgal Ho Gayī Hai By Anirban Kumar Click Here
6. Tamasha : The vanishing folk art form of Maharashtra By Aditi Panda Click Here

1. Heisnam Kanhailal By Satyabrata Raut Click Here
2. Barbara Kölling By Ranjana Pandey Click Here

Book Review
1. Analyzing the role of Theatre in democracy By Joydev Majumdar Click Here
2. Opening up Night Windows : Chronicles of a lonely theatre dreamer By Sourav Gupta Click Here

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