Vol.1, No.1 27 March 2017 ISSN 2456-754X

Front Matter
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1. Tennessee Williams’ Dramatis Personae : A Study in Types by Dr. Dharanidhar Sahu Click Here
2. Finding their own voice: Women Writers and Directors of Indian Theatre by Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee Click Here
3. Delectation of Dramatic Delight-Revisiting Bharata’s Rasa- Theory by Dr. C.R.Kar & Sanjeet K. Das Click Here
4. Jagannath Consciousness and the literary interpretation of the Play Bandiśāḷāre Biśwapati by Dr. Ganesh Prasad Sahu Click Here
5. Application of Prahllad Natak in Development: A Study by Dr. Pradosh Kumar Rath Click Here
6. Experiment with Folk Elements: A study in Modern Odia Drama by Dr. Alok Baral Click Here

1. Crime against Women in India: Can Theatre for Development (TfD) be a Solution? by Dr. Suman Kumar Kasturi & Prof. P. Bobby Vardhan Click Here
2. A Study on the impact of Drama on Moborn Economy by Dr. Adya Prasad Pandey & Dr. Shailendra Kumar Singh Click Here
3. Social Relevance of Indian Folk Theatre-A study on the concerning issues/character of society portrayed by Indian Folk theatre by Dr. Neeru Prasad Click Here
4. Mughal Tamasha: Vibrant Folk Theatre of Odisha by Sony Parhi Click Here
5. Negotiating the patriarchal ideology of the Mahabharata: A study of Bhisham Sahni’s Madhavi and Saoli Mitra’s Five lords yet none a
protector by Dr. Shymasree Basu
Click Here
6. Evolution of Street Theatre as a tool of Political Communication by Sangita De & Priyam Basu Thakur Click Here
7. Theatre as a Vehicle of Communication by Arunima Mukherjee Click Here
8. The role of theatre as a communication medium by Neelesh Pandey Click Here
9. Significance of Folk theatre in Communication for Development in Indian Context by Naznin Sultana Click Here
10. Woman’s quest for love: A few Tagorian insights in drama by Kathakali Sen Gupta Click Here
11. Theatre as a tool for Social Development by Aniruddha Jena Click Here
12. Theatre as a Medium of Mass Communication by Padmaja Priyadarshini Click Here
1. Balwant Thakur: A One Man Institution by Archana Kumari Click Here

Book Review
1. An account of the People’s Theatre by Mohammad Amir Pasha Click Here
2. The Theory Of The Theatre by Priyanka Sharma Click Here
3. Contemporary Indian English Drama by Sanaa Parween Click Here

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